Monday, March 5, 2012

Sermon 1: Stay Tethered to God

Point of Change had its first pre-launch worship service this past Sunday!  With approximately 86 people in attendance, we had a great kick-off at Friends and Family Fellowship, which is kindly letting us use their space on Sunday evening until we get our own space.

Thanks Taryn!
The worship team led us in a wonderful time of praising God.  One of our new songs was “Never Once” by Matt Redman.  It’s a fantastic song.  Check out Matt's song here:

Pastor Todd brought us a great first message, challenging us with the following question:  How do you respond when you get hit?  When something comes unexpectedly, whether good or bad, we must be truly connected to God so that when we get hit, it doesn’t phase us.  We must be tethered to God so that all the hit really does is wrap us closer around God.
This sermon's main scripture this week can be found in Numbers 6:23-27.  Read it here:  God is looking for opportunities to bless and care for those who are called by His name.  To be called by God's name is to walk in His ways which means to obey and walk in repentance (the way of Christ).  We must be tethered to God.

As you spend your time in God's presence this week, consider the following scripture to help you to stay connected to the Word as you read about being tethered to Christ: 

Monday:  Numbers 6: 23-27
Tuesday:  Leviticus 26: 3-13
Wednesday:  Psalm 19:1-11
Thursday:  Psalm 80
Friday:  Deuteronomy 28: 9-14
Saturday:  2 Chronicles 7: 14
Sunday:  Daniel 9: 18-19

Please check back as we refine our mad, mad, blogging skills.

Remember Point of Changers, the following 2 Sundays we will be divided into groups and visiting various healthy church plants within a 2 hour driving distance of Bloomington-Normal.


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