Monday, September 10, 2012

We're Ready!

This Sunday is our launch Sunday - it's finally here!  And, guess what?  We're ready.  We're ready.  Sure there's still some money to be raised and still some details to attend to.  However, we're ready!  In about 6 1/2 months time, God has blessed us, grown us, stretched us, and then repeated that about 100 million different ways.  We've grown, we've shrunk (miss you!), we've grown again, we've moved, we've built, we've experienced new life and also death, and throughout it all God has not withdrawn His hand.  We're so thanksful.

Let's re-cap.  (Ok there's not enough time and space to detail and recap every blessing.  But let's try to get a few...)
Circling it up for prayer at IBEW.

Praise God - The Sunday after we were commissioned by Bloomington First, we were able to have worship at Friends and Family Fellowship, which allowed us to function as a church while preparing to launch one.
Praise God for our launch team, working together (lots and lots of hours) to prepare our action plan in oh, a week or so.  Praise God, our action plan was approved by MST!
Praise God for the vision we all shared, even at the very beginning!
Remember church plant tours?  Praise God for the unique experience of having worship Sunday night, which allowed us to tour successful church plants on Sunday mornings.
Remember all those chairs Tony got for a stellar deal?  Praise God for every chair that we cleaned, and every person that will be sitting in those chairs on launch day!
Praise God for all the many, many talents of our launch team members... from carpentry to technology, thank you all for using your unique gifts to help us make it!
Our pastor family (love!)  Thank you for your vision and leadership and sacrifice!

Remember... Good Friday game night?  Praise God!

And Easter morning at IBEW?  Praise God!  Just a foreshadowing of what was to come!
Easter egg hunt and the lovely, lovely, hard-working children on our launch team!
The Holy Spirit really, really blessed us at our visit to Princeton.  :)
 Praise God for the marketing and fundraising opportunities! 

 Feelin' hot, hot, hot at the Towanda Parade!
 Designn work for our sanctuary!
 Making the stage!  We're so blessed!
 Design and preparation - and it all came together so well!  Praise God!
Labor Day Parade - successfully pulling the worship band (including keyboard, drum set, etc) on a float - could it be God?  Yes!!!  Praise God!
 Supper club - a fun time of food, fellowship, and fundraising!

Billboards!  Praise God!
Rest up, and Rest in Him, Launch Team! Sunday's coming, and we're ready. Our days as a Launch Team are coming to an end.  But it's okay, we'll keep busy enough being, oh, a church.  :)  Sound good to everybody?  Okay!

Praise God! 
We're ready. 
We've got regular rockin' worship service planned for Sundays (10 am after our initial launch day).  We've got a prayer service Thursday nights at 7pm (this is really where it's at!)
We've got  nursery, toddler, and elementary school ministries.
We've got our senior pastor, and three (count 'em!) district-licensed pastors.
We've got an administrative assistant.
We've got a building.
We've got outgoing and incoming missionaries ;)
We've got a bunch of people who love God and need Him and are desperate for His presence, who will love on you with the love of Jesus.
And you're invited!
All glory to God, who has so richly blessed us. 

Psalm 16:11

English Standard Version (ESV)
11 You make known to me the path of life;
in your presence there is fullness of joy;
at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

You're invited!

September 16th
2407 Beich Road
Bloomington, IL  61701
Come worship with us!

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