Friday, July 8, 2016

Living on Mission – Thirst Quencher

Living on Mission – Thirst Quencher

The Samaritan woman at the well was thirsty. What was she thirsty for? She was thirsty for the same things we all thirst for: love, acceptance, provision, peace, security. She might have thought a husband could quench her thirst – but she actually had five of those (plus another that wasn’t a husband) and still she was parched.

So, Jesus showed up and asked her for a drink. What?!? Ok, so it was His way of striking up a conversation with her. He then tells her that if she asks she can have living water that will completely quench her thirst – forever! She immediately said, “Gimme some of that!”

Oh, to never thirst again!

We encounter people every day who are thirsty. Think of your family. Think of the people you work with, the people who take care of your children, and the people who work at your favorite shops and restaurants. They are all thirsty for something. Many of them don’t know what they are truly thirsting for, though. They are probably trying various things in an attempt to quench their thirst. They are likely tired of searching.

Isn’t it great that we have Good News to offer? Jesus will satisfy all of the longings. He will quench all of our thirsts – even those we don’t fully recognize.

Let’s practice Living on Mission and freely share the Good News that Jesus is the real (and only) Thirst Quencher.

Pastor Angela

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