Monday, February 4, 2019

READ IT! - Introduction to Hosea 9-14

Readings for this week

Monday: Hosea 9
Tuesday: Hosea 10
Wednesday: Hosea 11
Thursday: Hosea 12
Friday: Hosea 13
Saturday: Hosea 14
Sunday: John 1

Introduction to Hosea 9-14

Chapter 9 

Hosea says, “Rejoice not, O Israel! The days of punishment have come.” God says, "I will bereave them. I will drive them from my house." Hosea says, “God will reject them.” 

Chapter 10 

Hosea says, “Israel is a rich vine. The LORD will break down their altars.” God says, ‘Nations shall be gathered against them.’ Hosea says, “It is time to seek the LORD.” 

Chapter 11

Chapter 11 is God's lament over the necessity of giving up the Northern Kingdom, which is a large part of the people of Israel, whom God loves. God promises not to give them up entirely. "When Israel was a child, I loved him. But the sword shall devour them. How can I give you up, O Ephraim? I will bring them home."

Chapter 12

In Chapter 12, the prophet pleads for Israel's repentance. "Jacob fought with God. Ephraim has said, 'I am rich.' But I am the LORD. I spoke through the prophets. The LORD will repay Ephraim.” 

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 foretells the destruction of the kingdom at the hands of Assyria, because there has been no repentance. God says, "They make idols of silver. But I am the LORD. I will tear them open. Ephraim's sin is stored up. Shall I redeem them from death?" The capital of the Northern Kingdom fell in 722 BC. All the members of the upper classes and many of the ordinary people were taken captive and carried off to live as prisoners of war. 

Chapter 14

In Chapter 14, the prophet urges Israel to seek forgiveness, and promises its restoration, while urging the utmost fidelity to God. He says, “O Israel, return to the LORD.” And God says, “I will heal their apostasy. They shall blossom like the vine. Whoever is wise, let him understand.”

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