Thursday, September 18, 2014

PRAY IT! PRIME MINISTER: Genesis 39:1-20

Temptation... It's not a sin.  It can lead to sin.  It's not a sin.  What it is, perhaps, is our enemy trying to cause doubt, discouragement, and distance between us and God.  When we look at the story of Joseph in Genesis 39:1-20, he was tempted, perhaps while at one of his lowest points.  And he overcame. 

So did Jesus in the wilderness. 

And so can we. 

And God can use our victory over whatever temptation that was intended for our harm to refine us, to grow us, to help us, and to help others.  Hmmm, sound familiar?  (Genesis 50:20).

For starters, we need the right view of God and the right view of temptation, as we let this passage inform our prayer life.  If we think of temptation as a door to "automatic" sin that has already defeated us before we even think to start praying and asking God for some help... well... we will definitely struggle to pray and to find victory.  If we think of temptation as a strategy that could be used by the enemy, but something that God can help us overcome with His strength and our reliance on Him (see 1 Corinthians 10:13), that is a game-changer. 

My questions for today are simple, as we spend some time prayerfully reflecting on this passage:  How do you view temptation?  Do you view it as conquerable? 
How do you view God?  Do you view Him as capable?

Prayerfully ponder Joseph's response, Jesus' response, and your response.  Praise God for past, present, and future victories.  Pray for help in areas in which you still need victory.

As always, the best place to start is daily presence - get in the presence of our capable, loving God.  He'll take it from there. 

Also, we do highly recommend our Encounter at PoC as Pastor Todd mentioned in his letter yesterday.  Prayerfully consider it!!!  And, have a great day!

Dear God,
Thank you for Jesus, who was tempted, but had victory.  Thank you for your Word, which says that I can have victory, too.  Please help me cling to you, rely on you, and yield to you in all areas of my life.  Help me to enter and remain in your presence every day.

Please join us at the PoC Prayer Service, at 7pm! 

Pastor Celia

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