Friday, December 5, 2014

Living on Mission and Working the Way God Works

Living on Mission and Working the Way God Works

Picture yourself someplace where you do work. Are you at home? The office? At a shop? In a field? How do you feel in that place? (think 7 Dwarfs here: Happy, Sleepy, Dopey, Grumpy) How would you describe the way you work? Does how you feel in that environment impact your approach to work?

Diligently. Faithfully. Gently. Joyfully. Purposefully. Creatively. Lovingly. These are a few words to describe the way God works.

How does the way you work line up with the way God works? Pretty close? Very different?

You may be thinking that you could work a little more joyfully if your boss was less like Cruella de Vil or that guy from Office Space, or if they weren’t the conductor on the crazy train. It would be easier to be creative in a different environment. It would be easier to be faithful if you didn’t dread getting out of bed every day.

Let’s look for a minute at God’s work environment. He’s the boss, so he’s got that going for Him. But, He’s also got a crazy evil ex-employee who is constantly trying to sabotage every single thing He does. The caretakers He assigned have neglected the beautiful, perfect place He created to the point that it is unrecognizable. His own children and servants cannot obey a single instruction.

And yet…this undesirable and imperfect environment doesn’t change the way He works. He continues to pour out grace and work to redeem all of His creation. I’m so thankful that He doesn’t give up when things don’t seem to be going well. Quit because it all stinks? No! He’ll never give up. In fact, when His work conditions were at their very worst, He did His very best work. Jesus was being beaten and tortured to death, but God was strategically using this very thing for the salvation of us all.

I’m not suggesting that we seek out a horrible, abusive, painful work environment so that God can get glory. I am suggesting though, that God can use us for His purpose and glory in whatever work environment we find ourselves. I am suggesting that we can be faithful and diligent workers wherever He has placed us. I am suggesting that our work environment doesn’t have to impact the way we work.

The best way I know to be able to work the way He works is to take Him with us.

Oh, right! I forget so easily! He is with us at every moment! He is IN us! He is right there with us in that dreaded meeting. He is with us when we talk to Cruella… I mean the boss. He is with us as we encounter that hurting child/coworker/customer. We can follow His leading and work the way He works in every situation – regardless of the environment.

Let’s practice Living on Mission and follow His leading to work the way God works.

Pastor Angela

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