Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Family It!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Family It!

Supplies: Bible, a phone voice recorder (app)

I once heard a grandfather talk about how he helped his grandchildren “hear” how they sounded when they were whiny, complaining, and fighting with each other.  One day after school he left a voice recorder running -and recorded the grandkids.  It just happened to be the perfect day for the recording to take place because both grandkids were especially agitated and this brought out a meanness and whininess that helped make the grandfather’s case is an extra impactful way.  He played the recording for his grandkids and said, “When you hear these kids, what do you think?  Are they thankful?  Are they grateful?  Are they kind?  Are they appreciative?  Are you proud of them?  How would you describe what you hear?”  

Well, it worked.  The kids admitted that they did not sound thankful or grateful, kind or appreciative.  And, they were not proud of themselves.  They thought they sounded spoiled and selfish.

Read I Corinthians 10:9-10 with your family.

Using the voice recording app on your phone, record each member of the family saying the following statements one at a time.  When every family member has recorded one line, move on to the next.

“God, why did you lead us here to die?!  Are you going to take care of us or not!”


“God, we know that you have a great future for our family!  Thank you for taking care of us!”

1)  As we’ve been discussing the Israelites journey the last few weeks, we have heard them become a whining and complaining people.  Why do you think they are complaining so much?
2)  Play the recordings of your family.  What do you think of the way you sound?  Is it funny?  Sad?  Does it make you proud?  
3)  How would you rather have your family sound?  Complaining, like recording one?  Or trusting, like recording two?

Jesus, we want to be a family that trusts you AND sounds like we trust you.  Help us learn to talk like we trust you, Lord.  Amen.

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