Friday, May 29, 2015

Living on Mission – B|Neighbors, C|U Neighbors

Living on Mission – B|Neighbors C|U Neighbors

I love so much about our new sermon series: Saul/Paul, Ananais, Barnabas, Peter, and Simon the tanner. I’m really looking forward to getting to all the stories of these people, but for now let’s start with Saul/Paul.

Saul encountering Jesus on the Damascus road and being transformed into the great Apostle we know as Paul clearly displays the heart and soul of what living on mission is all about. This man was dead-set against the people who followed Jesus. He was certain that they were being deceived by false teachings and abandoning the only true faith. His zeal was authentic, but Jesus showed up in person to let him know that it was misplaced. Jesus met Saul where he was. In love, He confronted and exposed the wrong and gave Saul an opportunity to change his ways. Not only did Saul change his ways, but he is still known as one of the most vocal and active spreaders of the Good News about Jesus of all time – and THAT’s living on mission!

My goal this week is to remind everyone that living on mission MUST begin with a real encounter with Jesus. This is where it all begins, and we become more effective as we continue to encounter Jesus each day.

Let’s practice Living on Mission by encountering Jesus every day! Let's learn to B|Neighbors and C|U Neighbors :)

Pastor Angela

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