Monday, March 23, 2020

READ IT! - Introduction to 1st Chronicles 13-19

Readings for this week

Monday: 1st Chronicles 13
Tuesday: 1st Chronicles 14
Wednesday: 1st Chronicles 15
Thursday: 1st Chronicles 16
Friday: 1st Chronicles 17
Saturday: 1st Chronicles 18
Sunday: 1st Chronicles 19

Introduction to 1st Chronicles 13-19

Chapter 13 

David said, "Let us bring the ark back." As they carried the ark Uzzah steadied it and was struck down by God. David was angry with God and he took the ark the home of Obed-Edom.

Chapter 14 

We then hear that David had more children. Also, the Philistines attacked again and David inquired of God and when he heard the sound of marching in the trees he defeated them. 

Chapter 15 

David told the Levites to carry the ark. Heman, Asaph and Ethan were the musicians. The ark was brought into the city of David. 

Chapter 16 

They made offerings and David appointed singers. "Give thanks to the LORD; He is greatly to be praised!" Asaph ministered each day. 

Chapter 17 

The LORD said to Nathan, "Tell David: I will establish your house; your son will build my house." David prayed, "Who am I, O LORD?" 

Chapter 18 

David defeated the Philistines, the Moabites, King Hadadezer, the Arameans and the Edomites. He reigned over Israel with justice. 

Chapter 19 

The King of Ammon humiliated David's servants and hired the Arameans for war. Joab defeated them and David defeated King Hadadezer.

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