Friday, October 23, 2015

Living on Mission – The Gentle Act of Self-Control

Living on Mission – The Gentle Act of Self-Control

Self-control (or self-discipline) is not common in our culture. Even if we are disciplined in one area we could be totally out of control in another area. We live in an all-you-can-eat, maxed-out, no-holds-barred society. Think about it: how often do we say no to something we want? How often do we check our attitude and stop ourselves before spiraling out of control into anger or bitterness or self-pity?

We can be gentle in the manner of Jesus by choosing self-control over self-indulgence. It’s not very gentle when we indulge in outbursts of anger or when we indulge in selfishness by withholding care from others. The gentleness of Jesus chooses acts of self-control, like saying no to our third Diet Coke of the day and surprising a co-worker with their favorite tea instead. Or choosing to forego our lunch so that we have time to pray for someone who is hurting. Or choosing to check our attitude and remain silent instead of reacting in anger. People in our lives need us to display these gentle acts.

We need to remember that both gentleness and self-control are fruit of the Spirit. This means that we don’t generate them or muster them up on our own – they are a result and a byproduct of the Holy Spirit living in us. The more we are in His Presence; the more fruity evidence will appear. Need more fruit? Get more Presence!

Let’s practice Living on Mission through the Gentle Act of Self Control.

Pastor Angela

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