Monday, May 11, 2020

READ IT! - Introduction to 2nd Chronicles 24-30

Readings for this week

Monday: 2nd Chronicles 24
2nd Chronicles 25
2nd Chronicles 26
2nd Chronicles 27
2nd Chronicles 28
2nd Chronicles 29
Sunday: 2nd Chronicles 30

Introduction to 2nd Chronicles 24-30

Chapter 24 

Joash ruled and did right while Jehoiada lived. The priests collected money to repair the temple. Joash was killed by his servants. 

Chapter 25 

Amaziah ruled in Jerusalem. After he slaughtered the Edomites he bowed down to their gods. He challenged Jehoash and was defeated. 

Chapter 26 

The people made Uzziah king. He did right and became powerful. But he went to burn incense on the altar and was struck with leprosy. 

Chapter 27 

Jotham became king and did right in the sight of the LORD. He built fortresses in the hills and conquered the Ammonites. 

Chapter 28 

Ahaz became king. He made idols, so the LORD gave him to Aram and Israel. He shut the LORD's temple and sacrificed to other gods. 

Chapter 29 

Hezekiah became king and did right. He told the Levites to cleanse the temple. He assembled the officials and they made offerings. 

Chapter 30 

Hezekiah sent couriers throughout Judah and Israel saying, "Return to the LORD." Many gathered in Jerusalem to celebrate Passover.

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