Monday, May 4, 2020

READ IT! - Introduction to 2nd Chronicles 17-23

Readings for this week

Monday: 2nd Chronicles 17
Tuesday: 2nd Chronicles 18
Wednesday: 2nd Chronicles 19
Thursday: 2nd Chronicles 20
Friday: 2nd Chronicles 21
Saturday: 2nd Chronicles 22
Sunday: 2nd Chronicles 23

Introduction to 2nd Chronicles 17-23

Chapter 17 

Jehoshaphat became king and was devoted to the LORD. He sent his officials to teach the law. He grew greater and built fortresses. 

Chapter 18 

Ahab and Jehoshaphat planned for war. Micaiah said, "I saw Israel scattered. Your prophets are lying." Ahab was killed in battle. 

Chapter 19 

Jehoshaphat returned to Jerusalem. He appointed judges and said to them, "Judge carefully, for with the LORD there is no injustice." 

Chapter 20 

An army came against Jehoshaphat so he sought the LORD. Jahaziel said, "The battle is not yours but God's." The LORD set ambushes. 

Chapter 21 

Jehoram ruled and did evil. Elijah wrote saying, "The LORD will send a plague." The LORD struck Jehoram with a disease and he died. 

Chapter 22 

The people made Ahaziah king. He did evil and was killed by Jehu. Athaliah destroyed the royal family but Jehoshabeath hid Joash. 

Chapter 23 

Jehoiada gathered the Levites and anointed the king's son as king. Athaliah was killed. The people tore down the temple of Baal.

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