Friday, November 7, 2014

Encounter with God -- A Letter from Pastor Todd

Dear PoC,
When I went to my first Encounter weekend, I felt so incredibly safe.  It was obvious that the leaders, speakers and guides had been well trained and that confidentiality would be strictly enforced.  That was very important to me.  As a pastor, I wasn’t quite sure I would be able to open up about my own life, the good and the bad.  In fact, I was actually planning to simply “observe”, take notes, and report back on the experience for others.  But, within seconds, the power of the Holy Spirit was so thick that it quickly became MY experience, My encounter with MY God.  Honestly, I haven’t had many events in my life that were truly catalytic, but my Encounter weekend was a game-changer.  Nothing would ever be the same.  In fact, most of the joy and blessing that we get to experience each week at PoC is because of the freedom that I, your friend and pastor, found in Christ that weekend.
Our next Encounter @ PoC is November 14-15.  You can find more information and sign-up under “catalyst” at or sign-up on your response card this coming Sunday at church.  The cost is $50 and covers all resources and food.  Right now we are recruiting guides, prayer teams, and hospitality teams who will be ready (through prayer and fasting) to serve you as you encounter God in fresh and new ways.  It will be a wonderful weekend.
Tonight I was talking with someone who said that they really felt like they weren’t able to connect with God this week.  They said it felt like everything was against them, frustrating their relationship with God.  I told this person about the Encounter @ PoC, explaining that the obstacles we face each day are common.  We all go through this.  We really can have a powerful and strong relationship with Christ, but our enemy knows our sweet spots, our buttons, our weaknesses, etc.  And, he will be faithful to use them and deceive us daily.  But, our God is greater.  He has given us more victory in Jesus than we know, and there are more spiritual resources available to us daily than we know.  At the Encounter @ PoC, we learn about and use these resources.  God gives the victory.  He receives the glory!
Would you prayerfully consider joining us for the Encounter @ PoC.  If you need scholarship, please let us know.  I want you and your family to join us.  It’s a great thing.  Who doesn’t like a good game-changer?
Your Pastor Is Praying For You!

J. Todd Keller,
Lead Pastor

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